Free Yourself from Emotional Trauma

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Emotional Baggage’? Do you understand what it means, or do you think you might be affected by it?  Each of us is carrying around ‘emotional baggage’ of some sort, whether large or small.  Visualize this as someone dragging around multiple pieces of luggage, each filled with a negative emotion such as anger, depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, grief, etc.  When we are not able to process and let go of the negative emotion at the time of a trauma, the emotions become ‘trapped’ inside of our body.  The traumas could be from the failing a test in high school, work related issues, being in a difficult relationship, or the death of a loved one.  Military personnel tend to suffer all too often from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) due to the stressful nature of their jobs and witnessing the loss of their friends.  Over the course of time, this baggage becomes very heavy.  Our body gets used to hanging on to the weight of the emotions and tries to compensate or adapt to it.  It begins to store the emotions in our organs and glands.  When this happens, we begin to see pain and discomfort, various illnesses associated with specific organs, glands and systems, emotional challenges and problems in relationships.

Trapped emotions or ‘Emotional Baggage’ can cause many problems, but you don’t have to hold on to it.  There are many ways to ‘LET GO’ of the baggage, including:

  • The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that taps into the subconscious of your being to release the trapped negative energy from past events and traumas.  It is speculated that individuals are carrying at least 300 trapped emotions (probably many more) at a given time. Unless these emotions are released, pain, discomfort, illness and eventually disease follow. 
  • Emotional Release with Essential Oils and Tibetan Bowls uses 14 therapeutic grade essential oils along with the beautiful tones of Tibetan bowls to help guide you to gently release trapped negative emotions.  The oils are applied to key points on the body to help elevate vibrational frequency, while their inhalation helps open the Pineal Gland – ‘the Seat of the Soul’.  The blended tones of the Tibetan bowls placed on and around you help you achieve the Theta brainwave state – the bridge to the subconscious – where true healing can begin.  

Releasing trapped negative emotions and traumas is beneficial and necessary to your overall health and wellness, your relationships and your financial security and independence.  Whether you choose to utilize The Emotion Code or Emotional Release with Essential Oils and Bowls, make a choice today to improve your emotional and physical well-being.  See what a difference this can make in your life.