Skeptics will always doubt the healing power of essential oils, but extensive research has been done and continues regarding their powerful healing benefits.

  • They are the concentrated, aromatic liquids distilled from plants, flowers, seeds, shrubs, trees and roots
  • They are the most powerful part of the plant
  • They  are more highly concentrated than dried herbs
  • They are powerful antimicrobials and have the ability to fight infection, fungus, bacteria and other pathogens
  • They are the highest known source of antioxidants and support the immune system
  • Essential oils are the protecting mechanism for the human body, just as they are for plants
  • They can help the body maintain balance
  • Essential oils help increase blood oxygen in the body – which is the key to life
  • They make more oxygen available to all tissues in the body
  • They are the ‘Missing Link’ that help make supplements bio-available in our bodies.  Our cells are often compromised due to toxins, contaminants and poisons in our foods, water and the air.  This produces a thickening of the cell membrane wall, making it difficult for nutrients to enter and for toxins to exit.  Essential oils soften the cell membrane and help with the delivery of nutrients to and through the body and at the cellular level.
  • Essential oils are the free radical scavengers of the body and go after areas of oxidation
  • They are the energy enhancers in the electromagnetic energy field surrounding the physical body
  • Can be inhaled directly or through a diffuser, used with a carrier oil or applied directly to the skin.  Some can be taken internally.
  • Pure unadulterated essential oils have many potential benefits and are used daily to enhance the lives of millions
  • Young Living is the largest provider of therapeutic grade essential oils

Try Some of My Favorite Oil Blends Below

Client Love!

In my profession I spend a lot of time sitting - both with clients and in front of a computer.  Sitting for long periods of time puts strain on my back and neck and causes a lot of headaches.  Jackie gives a great massage.   I have heard people say they bought a certain number of massages from some of the local spas, but they have trouble getting in because the places are always booked.  I’ve not had that issue with Jackie.  She’s convenient and accessible when I need her, and with the long hours I keep that is very much appreciated.  I would not hesitate to send my friends, family and colleagues to Jackie.  Thank-you.

 Heidi L. Martin, CFP ®


“I’ve suffered from back and neck pain for more than 30 years.  Meeting Jackie has been a blessing in my life.  She is a HEALER with her massage techniques and tools that she uses.  She uses essential oils and tuning forks as methods of healing and releasing stress in the body.  NO run of the mill commercial massage “company” will EVER provide the healing that Jackie does. Her hands are magic and medicine….. I’m so grateful to have Jackie for the therapy I need to get relief and relaxation.  There’s no one better.”

Traci Everman, VP of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate 


Jackie King and her organization have helped my family in many different ways. 

 We were first introduced to her through her therapeutic massage techniques, which we fell in love with.  Jackie’s professional approach combined with her knowledge of massage enhances the experience.  I know that each of her movements have a purpose to release tension and help heal my body. 

My wife began to learn about essential oils from Jackie.  Since then, essential oils have become part of our everyday life.  That goes for each member of our family from grandparents to children.  Weather it is applying Lavender directly to help us sleep and night or diffusing stress relieving blends while we are working about the home, we enjoy the use and effects of the oils.    

 I highly recommend Jackie’s services.  We have not only enjoyed them but benefited from them.

 Sincerely, The Gleize Family.

My name is Teresa and have belonged to the Young Living family for approximately 3 years. I was excited to receive my oils and move on to a healthier life. However, I never received the information I needed to use my oils to their highest level. After a year of being in the dark I was introduced to Jackie King. She has taught me so much and is ALWAYS there for any questions I might have. Because of Jackie, I feel like I am on the right track to a healthier more natural everyday life.



Teresa W

What can I say about Jackie! She is about as dedicated to her clients and work as anyone could possibly be. She is constantly learning new ways to help people. She has certainly helped me. I try to see her at least once a month for her wonderful, healing massages. She has also made me a firm believer in essential oils. My husband and I especially like the balsam fir for muscle pain and arthritis.

Susan P.

"Words cannot express how well and therapeutic Jackie's massages are.  You need to personally experience a massage by Jackie King, LMT.  As soon as you get to the door , you start relaxing, which continues as the massage progresses.  I have experienced massages from other massage therapists, but Jackie's massage outweighs those by far.  Jackie is able to get you so relaxed that, in my opinion, you start thinking that you are floating on air.  She uses a special technique that requires what is called "The Tibetan Bowl" in which you actually feel a tingling sensation shooting through your entire body and then shortly after, you feel like you are starting to float on air.  If anyone is seeking a massage therapist, I would highly recommend Jackie King.  She makes you feel right at home and takes all your stress/tension away."  

Lisa Rolwes

There are massages then there is Jackie King. She will take the time to find out your personal needs when it comes to mind & body. I have been going to Jackie for over two years she is a professional in all ways for the care of your personal health.

Bob D

Cartridge World

The Emotion Code: I've struggled with holding in emotions all my life. With The Emotion Code I've been able to release a lot of emotions that have been stuck! There are times I have literally felt the weight release from a particularly heavy emotion.    ~ L.K. - Missouri

The Body Code: I have been delighted to incorporate The Body Code into my wellness routine. It gives me a more holistic approach to health. Recently, I had a health scare and with The Body Code, I was able to release trapped energies and regain balance in my body. I am happy to report my health is much better. ~ L.K. - Missouri

Genius Frequency Healing: This program is a fascinating tool to incorporate into my wellness journey. I love the soothing sounds the program makes while it runs. I also like how vast the libraries are and how deep the program can go into rebalancing a specific issue in the body. I often request a session when I'm feeling blue and I'm thrilled to feel lighter within an hour of the session ending. ~ L.K. - Missouri

Genius Frequency Healing: My recent and current use of this frequency – balancing system (2 weeks now) has been top-not in quality, ease-of-use and a gradual improvement in a ‘rejuvenation-all-over’ feeling with each use.  This energetic frequency-balancing system is quite the great deal for cellular-clearing and cellular-rejuvenation…this aspect of healing is highly effective for everyone!!! I’m blessed and grateful this system found its way to me and I’m excited for all the incredible healthy improvements to continue on my healing journey!!!   ~ S.M.T. – Missouri

Jackie King is the BEST massage therapist I have ever been to.  I like to take the time to get a massage whenever I go somewhere new or on vacation.  This means that I have gotten my share and different types of massages.  You can almost tell what massage school that someone went to by the way they do massages.   

Jackie though has taken the time to educate herself about essential oils and the body in general.  I trust her 100% to do what my body needs and I am never disappointed.  I recommend you try to book for 2 hours if possible so that you can experience everything she has to offer at one relaxing time.

Penny Sweaney