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Infant Massage Program

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Are you a new parent, grandparent, or caregiver?  Or maybe you know someone who is.  Learning how to massage WITH your child has tremendous benefits that extend well beyond what you could imagine.

Infant Massage is a preventative program and research has proved that it:

  • Improves the quality of parenting and family life
  • Improves the bond between parent/caregiver and infant
  • Increases tactile stimulation for infant
  • Improves digestion and elimination
  • Decreases stress and allows for more restful sleep
  • Helps infants develop faster on motor, social and neurological levels
  • Studies have shown that premature infants can average a 47% weight gain per day when receiving massage on a regular basis

Program includes:

  • Yana Baby Step-By-Step Massage Techniques
  • 30 Ways to Bond with Baby
  • Natural Relief for Postpartum Depression
  • 10 Things a Mom Should NOT Worry About
  • 12 Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby
  • Essential Oils in the Nursery

Client Love!

In my profession I spend a lot of time sitting - both with clients and in front of a computer.  Sitting for long periods of time puts strain on my back and neck and causes a lot of headaches.  Jackie gives a great massage.   I have heard people say they bought a certain number of massages from some of the local spas, but they have trouble getting in because the places are always booked.  I’ve not had that issue with Jackie.  She’s convenient and accessible when I need her, and with the long hours I keep that is very much appreciated.  I would not hesitate to send my friends, family and colleagues to Jackie.  Thank-you.

 Heidi L. Martin, CFP ®


“I’ve suffered from back and neck pain for more than 30 years.  Meeting Jackie has been a blessing in my life.  She is a HEALER with her massage techniques and tools that she uses.  She uses essential oils and tuning forks as methods of healing and releasing stress in the body.  NO run of the mill commercial massage “company” will EVER provide the healing that Jackie does. Her hands are magic and medicine….. I’m so grateful to have Jackie for the therapy I need to get relief and relaxation.  There’s no one better.”

Traci Everman, VP of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate 


Jackie King and her organization have helped my family in many different ways. 

 We were first introduced to her through her therapeutic massage techniques, which we fell in love with.  Jackie’s professional approach combined with her knowledge of massage enhances the experience.  I know that each of her movements have a purpose to release tension and help heal my body. 

My wife began to learn about essential oils from Jackie.  Since then, essential oils have become part of our everyday life.  That goes for each member of our family from grandparents to children.  Weather it is applying Lavender directly to help us sleep and night or diffusing stress relieving blends while we are working about the home, we enjoy the use and effects of the oils.    

 I highly recommend Jackie’s services.  We have not only enjoyed them but benefited from them.

 Sincerely, The Gleize Family.

My name is Teresa and have belonged to the Young Living family for approximately 3 years. I was excited to receive my oils and move on to a healthier life. However, I never received the information I needed to use my oils to their highest level. After a year of being in the dark I was introduced to Jackie King. She has taught me so much and is ALWAYS there for any questions I might have. Because of Jackie, I feel like I am on the right track to a healthier more natural everyday life.



Teresa W

What can I say about Jackie! She is about as dedicated to her clients and work as anyone could possibly be. She is constantly learning new ways to help people. She has certainly helped me. I try to see her at least once a month for her wonderful, healing massages. She has also made me a firm believer in essential oils. My husband and I especially like the balsam fir for muscle pain and arthritis.

Susan P.