Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the preferred technique for decreasing pain and stress.  The use of varied strokes and movements quickly ease the client into a deeper state of relaxation allowing the mind to calm and clear.   Healing begins when the client is in a state of relaxation.

60 Minute ……$80

90 Minute ……$110

Touch the Body, Heal the Mind, Calm the Spirit

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is the ultimate in relaxation techniques. Smooth, warmed stones are placed strategically on target areas as the therapist uses more warm stones to provide a Swedish Massage. The heat from the stones helps relax tight muscles and takes relaxation to a deeper level.

60 Minute ……$95

90 Minute ……$125

Infant Massage

Through demonstration, parents and caregivers learn the time-tested techniques to help their infants and toddlers relax and sleep better, digest and eliminate easier, and develop more quickly on neurological, social, and motor levels.  Infant Massage also strengthens the bond between caregiver and baby.

Classes can be scheduled privately or in small groups. Dads are encouraged to join in the groups as well.

Infant Massage is taught in 2-hour classes…. $60 per participant (mother, father and baby).  Fee includes handouts with massage strokes and massage oil.

The Yana Baby online Infant Massage program is available by clicking on the Baby Massage tab.  Enjoy learning from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and with all the tools needed at your fingertips.


Relaxing and healing at the cellular level, this technique utilizes 10 specific therapeutic grade essential oils that are applied to the soles of the feet and then drizzled up the spine, where virus and bacteria can lay dormant.  The use of tuning forks provides vibration to stimulate specific organs and glands and help drive the oils deeper into the body for a greater healing experience.

60 Minute …… $95

90 Minute …… $125


“Vibrational Raindrop Technique is an approach that combines physiological principles with powerful Native American traditions that emphasize accessing energy for wellness.” 

~ D. Gary Young (creator of Raindrop Technique)


Using sound and vibration for healing has been utilized by many cultures for thousands of years.  It is safe, effective, non-invasive, and very pleasing to the ear.  The use of Tibetan Bowls in a healing session can help to bring about the Relaxation Response which in turn will:

  • Increase diaphragmatic breathing, or deep belly breathing
  • Decrease heart rate and blood pressure
  • Achieve the Theta brainwave state – bridge to the subconscious – where true healing can begin.
  • Decrease pain and stiffness
  • Decrease in the production of stress hormones, the precursor to many medical problems
  • Increased immune function for a healthier overall state

The relaxation that occurs during a Sound Healing session can bring about physiological changes that are optimal for healing and overall well-being.

60 Minute ……$80

90 Minute ……$110


“There is no organ system in the body that is not affected by sound and vibration.  You can look at disease as a form of disharmony”. ~ Dr. Mitchell Gaynor


The Lymphatic System is part of both the immune and circulatory systems. It helps rid the body of toxic material and protect us from infection and disease.  This specialized technique utilizes specific massage strokes, therapeutic grade essential oils (appropriate for assisting lymph system), to help move the excess or stagnant lymphatic fluid along , to be flushed out of the body. Benefits of this technique include, but are not limited to:

  • Cellulite
  • Bloating, poor digestion
  • Weight gain, excess edema
  • Headaches, other aches/pains
  • Difficulty moving, painful joints
  • Fatigue, lethargy, brain fog, memory loss
  • Allergies and/or chronic infections
  • Emotional imbalances

90 Minute …… $110

Six session package ……$635 (save $25)


“Keep your lymph system flowing smoothly and your entire system will go with the flow.” ~Wellness Resources